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H1 experiment

H1 is an international collaboration performing fundamental research in the field of Elementary Particle Physics colliding positron-proton beams of the HERA collider located at the German national laboratory for elementary particle physics DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) in Hamburg. The main interest of research of the H1 collaboration is the understanding of the proton structure, measuring the proton structure in a wide kinematic range and studying the fundamental interactions between particles with the proton and inside the proton. HERA is also an important tool to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. For more details, refer to the H1 publications.



The H1 Collaboration operates the H1 experiment as a coherent and structured scientific enterprise with important efforts from institutions around the world. The joint activities of building and designing the detector, the exploitation of the computing infrastructures as well as the long series of data quality, commissioning and calibration activities, result in joint publications. Publications which would not have been possible without this strong collaboration and research from all these institutions. Within these experimental activities which are at the basis of all the scientific publications our institute is very much present. The H1 Collaboration has published some key results refereed to below. Full H1 publication record

Our institute has taken the lead in the write-up of several journal publications, of which some recent highlights are mentioned below::

Inclusive Measurement of Diffractive Deep-Inelastic Scattering at HERA.
e-Print: *arXiv:1203.4495 [hep-ex]

Measurement of the cross section for diffractive deep-inelastic scattering with a leading proton at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C71 (2011) 1578*
e-Print: *arXiv:1010.1476 [hep-ex]

Diffractive Electroproduction of rho and phi Mesons at HERA.
Published in *JHEP 1005 (2010) 032*
e-Print: *arXiv:0910.5831 [hep-ex]

Measurement of deeply virtual Compton scattering and its t-dependence at HERA.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B659 (2008) 796-806*
e-Print: *arXiv:0709.4114 [hep-ex]*

Measurement and QCD analysis of the diffractive deep-inelastic scattering cross-section at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C48 (2006) 715-748*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0606004*

Diffractive deep-inelastic scattering with a leading proton at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C48 (2006) 749-766*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0606003

Diffractive photoproduction of rho mesons with large momentum transfer at HERA.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B638 (2006) 422-431*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0603038*

Measurement of deeply virtual compton scattering at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C44 (2005) 1-11*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0505061*

Forward pi0 production and associated transverse energy flow in deep-inelastic scattering at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C36 (2004) 441-452*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0404009*

Measurement and QCD analysis of neutral and charged current cross-sections at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C30 (2003) 1-32*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0304003

A Measurement of the t dependence of the helicity structure of diffractive rho meson electroproduction at HERA.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B539 (2002) 25-39*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0203022

Measurement of deeply virtual Compton scattering at HERA.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B517 (2001) 47-58*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0107005*

Measurement of elastic electroproduction of phi mesons at HERA.

Published in *Phys.Lett. B483 (2000) 360-372*
e-Print: *hep-ex/0005010*

Elastic electroproduction of rho mesons at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C13 (2000) 371-396*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9902019*

Measurement of leading proton and neutron production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA.

Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C6 (1999) 587-602*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9811013

Multiplicity structure of the hadronic final state in diffractive deep inelastic scattering at HERA.
Published in *Eur.Phys.J. C5 (1998) 439-452*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9804012

Inclusive measurement of diffractive deep inelastic ep scattering.
Published in *Z.Phys. C76 (1997) 613-629*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9708016

Measurement of event shape variables in deep inelastic e p scattering.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B406 (1997) 256-270*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9706002

Proton dissociative ρand elastic ϕelectroproduction at HERA.
Published in *Z.Phys. C75 (1997) 607-618*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9705014

A Measurement of the proton structure function f2 (x, q**2) at low x and low q**2 at HERA.
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B497 (1997) 3-30*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9703012*

Charged particle multiplicities in deep inelastic scattering at HERA.
Published in *Z.Phys. C72 (1996) 573-592*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9608011

A Measurement and QCD analysis of the proton structure function f2 (x, q**2) at HERA.
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B470 (1996) 3-40*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9603004*

Elastic photoproduction of rho0 mesons at HERA.
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B463 (1996) 3-32*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9601004*

A Direct determination of the gluon density in the proton at low x.
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B449 (1995) 3-24*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9505014

The Gluon density of the proton at low x from a QCD analysis of F2.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B354 (1995) 494-505*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9506001

First measurement of the deep inelastic structure of proton diffraction.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B348 (1995) 681-696*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9503005*

A Measurement of the proton structure function f2 (x, Q**2).
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B439 (1995) 471-502*
e-Print: *hep-ex/9503001

Photoproduction of J / psi mesons at HERA.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B338 (1994) 507-518

Deep inelastic scattering events with a large rapidity gap at HERA.
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B429 (1994) 477-502

Measurement of the proton structure function F2 (x, Q**2) in the low x region at HERA.
Published in *Nucl.Phys. B407 (1993) 515-538*

Observation of deep inelastic scattering at low x.
Published in *Phys.Lett. B299 (1993) 385-393


People involved into the H1 experiment at IIHE: