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Prize at the BPS conference in the Auger Group


We got again prizes at the BPS conference in the Auger group, this time
in the Best Poster Contest.

Katarina Simkova was awarded the first prize and Benjamin Flaggs the 3rd
prize in the poster-presentation contest of the Belgian Physical Society
conference, organized this year in Brussels by the IIHE.

They are both working on the analysis of the data from the Pierre Auger Observatory(https://www.auger.org/news/news).

Katarina is FWO fellow, doing a joint ULB-VUB PhD(https://fwo.be/nl/),
while Ben is a BEAF(https://baef.be/fellowships-for-americans/) fellow visiting the
IIHE-Auger group and enrolled at the PhD program at University of

Katarina presented the first observation of the Moon shadow at
energies larger than 10¹⁶ eV. This shadow is a cosmic rays flux deficit
caused by the interaction of these extremely energetic particles with
the Moon. 

Ben presented his study based on simulations on assessing the
mass composition of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays as a function of
detector resolutions and including different variables in his analysis.

Congratulations to both of them!